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Creole World opened at the Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum on the campus of University of Louisiana, Lafayette, on June 10, 2016 and will be on display until August 20, 2016. This is the fourth installation of Creole World since its premiere in 2014 at The Historic New Orleans Collection, and the third travel venue for the exhibit. This installation is notable in that the Hilliard provided French translations of the curatorial and artist statements and print titles, for the first time. The Frost Art Museum in Miami, had previously provided Spanish translations. Curator Laura Blereau conceived of and produced a checklist for the exhibit, which is also trilingual. A PDF of the English language version can be viewed here:

Creole World Checklist: English

The checklist includes a complete inventory of all prints and artifacts exhibited. The acknowledgments include the names of all the folks at the Hilliard and ULL who contributed to this installation of Creole World. I am deeply indebted to all of them.

Downloads for all language versions of the checklist are available on dropbox here:

Creole World Checklist: Download Link for All Languages

Hours, location, and other information about the Hilliard can be found on their website here:

Hilliard Museum Website

Richard Sexton was interviewed on KRVS Radio Acadie by Judith Meriwether on June 9, 2016. You can listen to the audio stream on the KRVS web site here (The interview begins near the 30 minute mark in the stream):

Richard Sexton Interview on KRVS

On July 22, 2016, the Hilliard will host a book signing and panel discussion moderated by John Lawrence, director of museum programs at The Historic New Orleans Collection, featuring Richard Sexton, author/photographer of Creole World; Dr. Jay Edwards, Creole scholar and essayist for Creole World; and Dr. Lena Suk, ULL professor of Latin Studies.