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Enigmatic Stream: Industrial Landscapes of the Lower Mississippi River

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Enigmatic Stream: Industrial Landscapes of the Lower Mississippi River

by Richard Sexton with essays by Paul Schneider and John H. Lawrence

Published by The Historic New Orleans Collection, 2018

ISBN: 978-0-917860-75-1

$40 retail; 140 pages; 91 photographs

SYNOPSIS, from the publisher

For hundreds of years the lower Mississippi River in Louisiana has supported a steady flow of human enterprise. In the last century, heavy industry has transformed this landscape. Towering refineries, mills, and factories loom over a river network plied by tankers, barges, and cargo ships. In Enigmatic Stream, author and photographer Richard Sexton documents this region’s commercial infrastructure and its relationship with the people and environment around it. Through nearly one hundred black and white photographs, this book captures the essence of a complicated and often mysterious section of the country’s largest waterway.

Advanced praise for Enigmatic Stream

Without judgment of the industrial present or nostalgia for a preindustrial past, Sexton’s photographs capture a multitude of rich and fraught histories that have shaped this distinctive region of Louisiana. With sharpness, clarity of vision, and unerring compositional focus, Sexton frames landscapes that balance the tension between energy and stillness.

—Jordana Pomeroy, director, Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, Miami

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