Black & White Editions

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I work in both black and white and color. The choice of media is an aesthetic decision. This portfolio is a small selection of black and white images currently in edition and available for sale through my gallery representatives. The medium is quadtone pigment prints. The substrate is 100% rag stock. Prints are offered in a tier-priced edition of 25 prints in a given size and medium. I use Imageprint RIP for the highest print quality. The inks are black, gray, and light gray of predominantly carbon pigment. Print tone is controlled through a mix of light cyan and light magenta inks which can form either a cool or warm gray, depending on the desired tone. No yellow ink is used. Yellow is known to be the most fugitive ink in the printer’s inkset and avoiding it in grayscale printing ensures superior colorfastness and longevity. Pigment prints on 100% rag stock, with a matte lacquer top coat spray are very archival and with proper conservatorship are projected to last hundreds of years.