Terra Incognita: Photographs of America’s Third Coast

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Terra Incognita and Creole World are unique in that both these projects are currently traveling exhibitions, as well as books. For information regarding the travel venues for these projects, please visit the News Blog. For information about the book version of Terra Incognita, click here.


In the early 90s, shortly after moving from San Francisco to New Orleans, I began making black/white landscape photographs of the gulf coast. Over the years, I slowly added to this body of work that began in the coastal regions of Walton County, Florida, and eventually encompassed landscapes in and around New Orleans, in other areas of the Florida panhandle, southwest Georgia, and the Mississippi gulf coast. After fifteen years, the potential for a book-length volume of work emerged. I approached Chronicle Books, a publisher with which I had a long and successful history creating books devoted to architecture, design, lifestyle, and urbanism. Though there had been a lengthy and highly successful collaboration with Chronicle on books of a more commercial nature, Terra Incognita was somewhat different in that it was conceived as a fine art photography book. In Terra Incognita, my photographs are the central focus of the work.

A major exhibition of the photographs from Terra Incognita was organized by The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. This exhibit of approximately 60 images hung in the main gallery on the Ogden’s fourth floor from October 6, 2007 through January 2, 2008. The exhibition has been traveling since 2008, and has previously been on display at Ogden Water•Color; Walter Anderson Museum of Art; South Arkansas Art Center; Polk Museum of Art; and most recently at the Pensacola Museum of Art.

—Richard Sexton