Self-Portrait in Dublin Window

Monochrom Workshop in Southwest Ireland, September 21-30, 2018

UPDATE: The 2018 Ireland workshop is now sold out. I’ll be conducting a second Ireland workshop with Leica Store Miami in 2019. Dates and all other relevant information will be announced in early fall, 2018.

My first destination workshop in Ireland has just been announced and is now available for registration. My sponsor is Leica Store Miami. They have been a great sponsor and we’ve worked together on five destination workshops in New Orleans. This will be our first workshop in Ireland and it’s a Leica Monochrom workshop, set in the southwest–Galway, Cork, Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, and more. The areas we will visit are truly some of the most dramatically beautiful settings in Ireland. For many reasons, I feel that Ireland is the ideal setting for black/white photography. You can check out my Ireland Monochrom portfolio here: Notes from Ireland: 2015-2017. Feel free to contact me directly via email if you are interested in attending and have specific questions about the workshop that aren’t covered in the workshop listing information. Follow the Contact menu from the home page of my web site for my email address and mailing address. Please note that I can provide all the details regarding the photographic aspects of the workshop, but any other questions related to the workshop should be directed to Leica Store Miami.