Digital Printing Workshops with Richard Sexton in New Orleans

My third workshop, offered in conjunction with Leica Store Miami, will be coming up November 2-5, 2017. This is the third workshop to date devoted to fine art digital printing and sponsored by Leica Store Miami.  It’s been sold out for awhile, but check back for dates in 2018. The printing sessions are always conducted in my New Orleans studio where I’ll be assisted by Jonathan Traviesa, a local photographer who has worked with me for over a decade with post-production workflow and digital printing. Peter Dooling, of Leica Store Miami, will be on hand, as well. I cover all aspects of digital printing, beginning with the moment of image capture to the making of an exhibition quality digital print. Click on the link below for the workshop listing on the Leica Store Miami web site:

Fine Art Digital Printing Workshop with Richard Sexton